Who is Sandhills Insurance Agency?

We treat our clients like we would like to treated, this is our guiding principle. Our approach is a customer focused relationship, based upon trust and goodwill.

Photo of Titus Estep

Titus Estep

Owner & Agent

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Titus Estep joined Sandhills in 2019. He has experience as a small business owner, specializing in excellent customer service. He has also spent many years traveling the country in volunteer work.

Photo of Lon Estep

Lon Estep


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Lon Estep joined Sandhills in 2021. Lon became interested in Medicare insurance after helping his mother to choose her plans. His goal is to help others in the same way by taking the time necessary to help others get a clear picture of the health coverage available and make a choice that best fits their needs.

Photo of David Brossia

David Brossia

Founder & Consultant

David Brossia founded Sandhills Insurance in 2003 after years of management experience in manufacturing. He enjoys helping his clients to find the most cost effective insurance that meets their needs. He is a proud father and grandfather.